Child Seat Check's This Saturday in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Transportation is partnering with AAA and child safety advocates this week during National Child Passenger Safety Week to educate motorists on what to do...and what to avoid, to keep young passengers safe.  The culmination of this event is "National Seat Check Saturday on September 23rd at over 100 locations.  You can find the list of 100 free car seat safety checks that are planned at

Child seats are installed incorrectly 59% of the time, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Additionally, 26% of children aged 4 to 7 are moved to seat belts too soon, when they should be riding in booster seats.  In Illinois, children are required to be in a car seat or booster seat until the age of 8.  All children younger than 13 should ride in the back seat.

IDOT and AAA are highlighting 8 common car seat mistakes that most often occur including:
  • Turing the child forward facing too soon
  • Not adjusting the harness snugly against the child
  • Not securing the car seat in the vehicle properly
  • Forgetting to register the car seat for recall notifications
  • Having toys or other items unsecured in the vehicle
  • Not using the lower anchors (LATCH) as approved
  • Not using the top tether on a forward facing car sear
  • Moving children to a booster seat too soon

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