Subaru President Q&A

Thomas Doll, president of Subaru of America, recently sat down with Jane M. Von Bergen of the Philadelphia Inquirer to answer questions about the future of Subaru and the future of vehicle sales in the United States.  The interview was recently published and shared in the Detroit News. Here are a few excerpts from that interview:

"For the younger buyer, the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto are very popular. They hook their phones up. They have all their music and everything on the phone, and through the phone there's a device that allows you to access the head unit with your own music. So, you can listen to your own songs instead of the radio. Satellite radio is popular with the older generation. They like to listen to Howard Stern, Seventies on Seven, Eight on Eighties, or whatever they are."

"The average age of a car is over 11 years, 11.2 years. So, it's really interesting in the car market today, because you've got older vehicles, like you were mentioning with vehicles that you drive. You've got a lot of newer vehicles that are out there. So, there's this great mass of cars. Cars just last longer. Our job is to try to turn that fleet over faster. If we could turn the fleet over faster, obviously, we'd sell more cars."

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