Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is a fluid used to transfer excess heat away from your engine, which prevents it from overheating. Coolant is also used to keep metal from rusting and keep rubber or plastic parts from corroding, all while stopping the water in your engine from boiling.

Over time, coolant loses its anti-corrosive properties, which can lead to contamination and build-up in your coolant system. This system flush removes any rust deposits that may have built up over time. Remaining rust or scale deposits can lead to your entire coolant system overheating, leading to very costly repairs. Old coolant can also become acidic, leading to break-down and damage to the water pump bearing, rubber hoses, or the aluminum in the engine.

Flushing your coolant system plays an important part in keeping up on your vehicle’s regular maintenance. To keep your Subaru in top shape and save you money on more costly repairs in the future, make sure to schedule an inspection of your coolant system at least every 30,00 miles or every 30 months. Maintaining your vehicle and scheduling a coolant system flush can help to keep your vehicle safe and ready to drive, especially through the tough winter months.

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