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The difference between AWD and Four-Wheel Drive

All-Wheel drive and four-wheel drive are similar drivetrains except with subtle differences. An AWD vehicle may be better equipped to handle slippery winter driving while a four-wheel-drive car, truck or SUV is more suited for off-roading driving.

What is AWD?

An all-wheel-drive system is one that optimizes your traction by varying the amount of power that is going to each wheel. If you start to slip while driving then this system will adjust the power…

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3 Automotive Service Tips You Should Never Ignore

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It’s no secret how important keeping up with routine maintenance and tending to any necessary repairs truly is. The reality: it’s easy to wait until a problem arises before you take action. Fortunately, by prioritizing a few essential services, you may be able to preserve the integrity of your vehicle and maximize its lifespan. To get started, take a few cues from our tips below.

Keep Up with Routine Oil Changes: Engines are…

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